[SEO Project] Pinoy Big Brother All In 2014

Another SEO project everyone! Be sure to blog about this topic because I am 101% sure that this will boost our blog's traffic performance for the next few months and this will also increase our earnings from PPC sites we are serving for.

As we all know, Pinoy Big Brother All In will be opening later tonight and they will introduce the 15 housemates who will be living inside Kuya's house for 100 days.

I had a segment about this before and had additional 15k pageviews added to my blog stats but this time, I'll make sure to focus and attract the most number of visitors. 

Expect some live updates from this blog especially those scandalous happenings inside the house. I am also expecting thousands if not millions of visitors because of this project. So if you are not yet prepared for the opening of PBB House, you still have enough time to do some write up and linking as well. 

Hit me up for some assistance!

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