Uncap/Bypass 800MB Data Limit of Globe Tattoo Broadband

This is not a tutorial post about the title, rather an SEO project because if you are going to search this keyword on google, there are only 34,500 websites fighting for this but am not sure if this is a high keyword but still, I am going to give it a try.

Just an update, this blog has a total of 23 posts with 1,071 pageviews. I guess not bad for a baby SEO blog. lol!

Technically, my popular post is from Singapore about TypicalBen or Ben Toh being gay. That is just an experiment post and I am not sure if people are curious about Ben's sexuality or not. Answer is, yes they are indeed interested! Ben Toh is indeed a popular one! Guess what, I am going to follow up the entry hoping that it attracts more audience. Feeling so bad about this but hey, it's part of the SEO trick, be a bait!

Let us go back to the main topic. I originally posted a trick on how to uncap/ bypass Globe's 800mb/1gb data promo so you can visit that instead. Very helpful one!

I am going to give this blog some time to attract more visitors before I put some ads because I am dang broke right now and I need to pay my domain this May! I am panicking because my Paypal is broke as well. :(

I think that's it for today about my seo projects on this blog. Drop me some lines if you have questions.

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