Mommy Dionisia Funny Memes During Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight

First of all, Congratulations to Manny Pacman Pacquiao for winning the fight against Timothy Bradley. You only prove that you are indeed unbeatable when it comes to the world of boxing.

During the fight, you will notice Mommy Dionisia (Manny's mother) was holding a rosary on her hand with a booklet that seems to be a novena. But the other hand (middle finger) kept on pointing to Bradley. Was Mommy D cursing or hexing Bradley during the fight? 

If yes, it worked!

mommy dionisia, hexing, cursing, funny meme
Can't help not to laugh everytime I see this funny meme of Mommy Dionisia. She is getting famous every year and I am sure she can buy lots of Gucci and Hermes bags again. 

What can you say about this photo meme of Mommy D hexing Bradley? 

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