(Trick and Tutorial) Free Unlimited Internet for Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro Users!!

There are two top internet service providers here in the Philippines, Globe and Smart Telecommunications. And both are offering unlimited internet for the right amount. But is it really unlimited? NO.

I subscribed to both of them for 999 pesos a month and according to their advertisement, unlimited fast and reliable internet connection. But there is a limit. This is what they call Fair Use Policy that will limit your speed if you reach their data cap or data limit.

Anyway, today's topic will focus on ways to have free unlimited internet for globe tattoo and smart bro users nationwide. All we need to have is a dummy account in CPROXY.

1. Download the latest version of CPROXY
2. Install and Open.
3. Make a dummy account using your email address. (One email will last for 3-days so it is advisable not to use your personal email rather, a disposable one)
4. After registration, you will be receiving email from them about your account's USER ID and PASSWORD
5. Put it on your Preference Tab as shown below.
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6. Select a server on the dropdown.
7. Close CPROXY program as well as the one in your system tray.
8. Connect to your Globe Tattoo or Smart Bro Broadband modem by doing this step, start>connect_to>wireless_broadband>dial (Connecting directly to your dashboard will make everything that we have done useless!)
9. Finally, open CPROXY and voila, you have unlimited free internet connection!

Aside from using software like CPROXY, you can also try to change your PC's mac address or fooling the network's signal by means of redundant registration to their promo like this trick I just recently posted. 

Bookmark this blog as I update you with some more tips and tricks for unlimited free internet for Globe and Smart subscribers!!!

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