Witness the Opening of Pinoy Big Brother PBB All In

I have been a huge fan of Pinoy Big Brother or PBB since season 1 but the following seasons kind of overrated for me and I don't like it the way I did for Nene Tamayo's batch.

This Sunday, let us all stay tuned for the grand opening of Big Brother's or Kuya's house as they introduce the new housemates of Pinoy Big Brother All in, April 27, 2014!!

According to Laurenti Dyogi aka Kuya (based on my opinion), there will be 15 housemates. ALL IN means both teens and original housemates will be under the same roof. This will be exciting as we all see how things work.

Will the teens overpower the original housemates with their youthfulness or are they going to be submissive with the older ones?

Pinoy Big Brother All In will be hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, John Prats, Robi Domingo and the recent winner of the show, Slater Young.

Do not miss this out later, April 27, 2014.

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