Pacquiao vs Bradley Fight Result 2014

This page is dedicated for the fight of Pacquiao and Bradley: Vindication 2014. Scroll down for some updates until we know who will win the controversial boxing match.

Will it be Manny Pacman Pacqiao? Or Would it still be Timothy Bradley?

pacquiao vs bradley fight 2014 result
During their weigh-in. Look at those muscles!!!
The fight will be today, April 13, 2014 so I am sure most of the Filipinos are tuned in right now. You can watch the fight on your TV with tons of commercial but you can also watch it thru live streaming for free

Jessica Sanchez will sing the "Lupang Hinirang" again by the way. 

The fight is not yet on so be sure to stay tuned. Bookmark the page if you need to because this Pacquiao and Bradley 2014 fight will be part of the sports history again.

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