Ultimate Way to Hack PLDT MyDSL Wifi Password Using Android Device

This post is dedicated to those curious readers and want to know the ultimate way to hack a password of your neighbor's PLDT MyDSL wifi. MyDSL is I think the most used internet service provider these days because I myself is also using the same thing. I am hoping that my neighbors cannot read this post or else they might hack my internet access.

In this tutorial, we will be needing 3 items. An android device (any android device will do), wifi enabled android smartphone and finally, an available wifi signal from your neighbor.

First, you have to download an apk application that you must install to your device. Download and install this at your own risk: http://www.mediafire.com/?92u3r1ffx0du461

After installing the app, run it and get the last 5-digit of the mac address on your neighbor's wifi. 
Note: Mac address is a unique code we also use to access free internet like bypass data promo or certain amount of gigabyte etc. For more info about free mac addresses for globe and smart users
, click the link I just provided.

So on the photo above using the app we just downloaded and installed, the password on the wifi we just hacked is PLDTMyDSL9EFB8.

After connecting to the wifi, do not do anything st*pid like changing their password because it might alarm them and report the incident and you be traced by their ISP.

This is for educational purposes only. Please DO NOT ABUSE!

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  1. How to hack pldthomedsl not using mac address
    I mean different password


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