Tutorial on Unlocking SmartBro 4G Pocket Wifi Revealed!

Last May, I was able to unbox my very own SmartBro 4G Pocket Wifi and I find it really fast at first. However, after few weeks of using it, I noticed that the internet speed is becoming slower and slower everyday I use it and I find it unfair because I am supposed to have a 4G internet speed which is faster compared to what I am getting even when I am outside my home since I have wifi.

So now, I am searching for some tips on how to unlock my SmartBro 4G pocket wifi so I can use it with other networks. I heard that Globe is faster here in my area so I want to give it a try.

Upon searching, I noticed that there are people who can actually unlock pocket wifi modems by entering the device's IMEI. However, it is not for free. I did not bother asking them to unlock mine because I know that there is a way to do it on my own.

Few years ago, I was able to unlock my Globe Broadband Tattoo Stick in just less than 5 minutes by using a free software I downloaded online. I will check if they have the same procedure but I am guessing that unlocking a pocket wifi modem is more difficult compared to a broadband stick.

I will definitely update you with a tutorial on how to do this very soon. Let us just hope that my modem will be okay after I do some tweaking.

image via dugompinoy


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