(Tricks) Smart LTE Bug for Pocket Wifi's and Broadbands

For me, I prefer using my laptop in surfing the internet because the screen is so much bigger compared to my android phone and I can do a lot of things when using my laptop.

I only use my phone to check my email, IG, twitter and facebook account but for blogging, I use my laptop all the time.

So today, I am going to share you a trick on how to use your pocket wifi or Broadbands in getting a Smart LTE Bug so we can have a free internet without getting capped!

What we need in this trick are, unlocked broadband or pocket wifi.
  1. Register to LTE 50 and send to 2200
  2. After that, register to UNLISURF 50 to 2200 without a load. You will be getting a failed notification but that's prefectly fine!
  3. Connect your modem to your PC but before you connect to the internet, make sure that you have this set of IP address  (10.140/155/159/181 for Luzon) and (10.141/159 for Visayas/Mindanao area)
  4. You can now use the internet but make sure to disconnect 30 to 1 hour before your subscription will expire.
  5. Connect again if you did not receive a text notification
  6. Congratulations, your smart sim is now LTE bug!
For Android and iPhone users, check out my recent post for the trick about the same thing. 

Remember, the trick is always fooling the system of SMART and GLOBE company so this includes redundancy of registration and some tweaking. Try it and discover another hacking procedure. Don't forget to share it with us! ;)


  1. I love how dedicated you are with these blog entries. Really helps a lot. Thank you!


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