PLDT Home Ultera Tip & Trick: Bypassing the Data Limit for Unlimited and Free Internet Access!

After 167 million lightyears, I saw an interesting source that tells something about my previous post dedicated for PLDT Home Ultera users and I have been receiving a lot of questions for the follow up that I promised. I am sorry because Ultera is somewhat new to the market so it is very hard to tweak its system and hacking it to get unlimited free browsing is almost impossible. :(

This trick or Ultera Bug is 100% working for some. Try your luck today and Try it at your own risk! This might messed up your PC and internet settings if not done correctly.

The main goal of this Ultera internet bug is to bypass their data limit or what we know as Fair Use Policy by resetting our daily and monthly bandwidth. To know about the FUP amount for Ultera, you can use this as a reference

Resetting Bandwidth using only ONE computer. (The easiest!)

  1. Using 1 PC, connect to the router. Either or but it depends on your router brand.
  2. Login to your account. (You must personally know your Ultera login details)
  3. Open the internet Setup Tab.
  4. Find "Dynamic IP (DHCP)" Internet connection type.
  5. Alter the MAC address clone section or the last three numbers.You can guess random numbers or you can google some working MAC addresses available in your area. You can also clone your own IP but it is kind of hard to do.
  6. Access this link:
  7. Fill out the provided text boxes.
  8. Wait for at least 5 minutes to be reconnected to the internet.
  9. Go to START button of your Windows PC then search or typ CMD.
  10. On the black CMD screen, type in ipconfig/release AND ipconfig/renew then hit ENTER
  11. Then booom! You just successfully reset your internet bandwidth and bypass the terrifying Fair Use Policy.
If you have any questions, feel free to comment on the form down below or for quick response, LIKE the page of this blog and get answers from the member.

Disclaimer: This entry is for educational purposes only.


  1. sir ndi gumagana webpage not available

  2. sir ndi gumagana webpage not available


  4. meron po bang hack para bumilis yung speed ng ultera? thanks.

  5. Bago ung ultera namin hindi mo xa maedit

  6. working po ba to?

  7. wala pong option ng clone MAC address sa bagong ultera ng pldt ngayon model: OT-350. restricted na din po ang access namin sa portal ng my bro nilipat nila sa huhu please update po sobrang salamat


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