Get the Fastest Smart LTE Signal with this APN Settings!

So I've heard you love to surf the internet like watching movies and TV shows or downloading files on Torrent or how about playing your favorite online games. But the problem is, a very very very poor internet connection that keeps on lagging. Don't you just hate it? Well, I do!

But worry no more because Smart has now this thing called LTE signal. LTE means Long Term Evolution.

It sounds so techy but it's main concept is to give us faster internet speed that can reach up to 100mbps. Oh god, imagine life with this kind of speed. Heaven!
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SMART LTE Signal is not for free and not cheap at all. Since they are bunch of greedy bunk-holes, they get more money for this premium service.

But why pay if you can get it for free?

For this tutorial, you will need an LTE 4G SMART sim card and a broadband that is 4G capability. Just a tip guys, don't buy your modem to smart stores because they cost more. It would be better to buy one on online stores and save up to 2,000 pesos.

Speaking of the APN Settings I have mentioned on my blog title in getting a free SMART LTE Signal, here's how.

  1. Open your Broadband Dashboard and put these APN Settings/ Configurations.

  • Profile name: any name
  • APN: Dynamic
  • Access Number:*99#
  • IP Settings: Dynamic
  • Authentication Protocol: Uncheck CHAP, and check PAP
  • DNS Settings: Dynamic
  • WINS Settings: Dynamic
It is very important not to use APN = internet as it gives slow and NOT 4G Smart Signal experience.

This simple trick can give you up to 100mbps SMART data speed but this still depends on your location. This perfectly works for Cebu and Manila people but in other places that do not support 4G signal yet, please wait for a little longer.


  1. panung dynamic? dynamic lalagay sa apn?

    1. yes po....tried and tested...working and stable....

    2. yes po....tried and tested...working and stable....


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