Free Internet with SMART LTE Bug

As I have said in my recent posts that are related to hacking a sim card for telco's to have a free internet service for android phones, broadbands and pocket wifi's, these hacking procedures are very easy to do and at the same time, very vulnerable against the IT peeps of those top providers (Globe and Smart).

Luckily,kudos to those forum members and admins who keep on posting some methods on how to bug a device to have free and unlimited internet speed that we all deserve.
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Technically, this is not for free because we still need to pay for it. We are just getting what we must be getting according to their deceiving advertisements on TV and billboards.

Today, we will focus on Smart LTE Bug. We will be needing an unlocked broadband, modem or pocket wifi. And also, 50 pesos worth of cellphone load to make this trick work since we cannot surf the net without a load using a smart sim.

Smart LTE Bug using an Android or iPhone Device (Airplane/ Flight Mode Technique)

  1. Register to LTE 50 and send to 2200 then wait for the confirmation message.
  2. Then register again to UNLISURF 50 and send to 2200 (without load), of course, you will be receiving a notification that the service is unavailable.
  3. Connect to the internet with the IP addresses of (10.140/155/159/181 for Luzon) and (10.141/159 for Visayas/Mindanao area)
  4. Enter Flight mode or Airplane mode 30 to 1 hour before your subscription expiration.
  5. Disable the mode after 1 to 2 hours.
  6. If connected, your sim is now bug with LTE speed!
This LTE trick might not work all the time so be patient about it. Buy a sim card that has a prefix of 0949, 0928, 0947 because according to forums, these prefixes have the high chance of success rate. 

If you succeeded, check my post about the trick on how to get fast LTE speed using your Smart service for free!

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