[PROJECT] Free Mac Address this 2014!

I just got home from my hometown Zambales where I spent holy week in Capones Vista Beach Resort somewhere in San Antonio Zambales (separate blog post soon), and that is the main reason why I was on MIA status.

Anyway, this is official, I am creating an SEO project and guess what, it has been started so long ago and I am just continuing it.

Everyday, there are thousands of people trying to find for some free mac addresses for them to get unlimited internet without getting capped or limited by their service provider whether it's for smart, sun or globe users.

I wrote something about it before and it is one of the top posts on google landing page. Awesome I know! And I also wrote something about it with linking strategy on my personal blog and it is also one of the top 10 posts on the big G. 

More links = More chance of getting on top = More traffic = More site revenue

Anyway, if you want to be a part of this seo project, let me know so I can link you up. Don't forget to link me on your main blog post okay?

This is it for today seo-ers, I need to get some sleep for my work later tonight. 

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