Get Samsung Galaxy S5 with Smart Postpaid

Samsung Galaxy S5 prices philippines

The much awaited moment for Samsung lovers out there - the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 in the market and your chance to have it and experience advanced features.

Smart Postpaid is offering this device to all subscribers who will pass their requirement. Here's how

Here are the things you will get if you apply for your own device.

  • Only 1,799 a month
  • Unli Surf with LTE smart signal
  • 9 mins ALL-NET calls
  • 99 ALL-NET texts
  • Free1 month Spinner VIP access
  • Free 12 months Gadget Shield
I am not yet sure how much is the regular price of Samsung S5 here in the Philippines. Will update you guys because I am pretty sure that there will be more people searching for that information in the future.

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