Pinoy Big Brother All In Housemates Released! Is this Official?

PBB All in Update for everyone! This just got in. Although PBB All in is not yet on and everyone is waiting for it in vain, I will spoil you about the list of housemates for this season.
photo credit to Fashion Pulis Reader

Unofficial PBB All In Housemates

  1. Axel Torres
  2. Ericka Villongco
  3. Jan Noval
  4. Jane Oineza
  5. LA Aguinaldo
  6. Bea Benassi
  7. Mark McMahon
  8. Quinito Villarosa
  9. Kim Nichole Baranda
  10. Cliff Hogan
I am not sure if this is the official list of housemates already but it might be the real list but I am little bit disappointed because it seems that PBB housemates qualification is that you must look good so you are ready to be a star after you was sent home.

My thought of PBB as a scripted reality TV show is getting stronger every season because of the list of the housemates they are accepting. 

So I guess, if you are not chinito/chinita or does not have a star factor, then don't expect that you will get in the PBB house because I think this whole thing is becoming a star search show like Star Circle Quest!

I am just disappointed. Sorry folks. It's like I am not in the mood of watching this season anymore. Wrong move Big Brother.

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