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One of the most popular bloggers in Singapore is Ben Toh and as a lifestyle blogger, I can say that he blogs really nice and he is inspiring people to blog more but there are lots of people saying that Typicalben is gay! 

Well he is not confirming anything but when my friends at the office saw his pic while I was looking for his previous hair color, like 99% agreed that he is indeed gay. I let them say yutakis pic but they said that typicalben is more gay than Yutaki James. 

typical ben gay
You decide... Ben Toh, aka TypicalBen... Gay or not...

typicalben gay randy toh boyfriend
TypicalBen's boyfriend... lol jk! That's Randy Toh, his beloved brother.

At first, I thought that Randy was Ben's boyfriend but when I read his blog, I found out a lot of things about them. Randy is also a famous blogger in SG but I can say that Ben is a lot popular and has more followers... Girl followers of course. I've been following Ben for a while now because of his dope hair color. Looking at his blonde hair makes me want to bleach my hair as well.

This is another seo project for noobs. I know there are lots of people searching for the real identity of TypicalBen so I decided to make a blog post about it. For me, as long as he is not admitting anything then so be it. Gay if gay, straight if straight! Point is, he has a cool hair and popular in the blogging world!

Images are not mine! Photo credits to TypicalBen's blog.

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  1. He is a gay, take photo act cute like wan to suck a big cock


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