Simple Bug Trick for Smart LTE 50 Promo

I saw this post from a trusted forum site and dated recently this 2015 so would be good if I can include this on my bug compilation. I have also read some good feedback so I think this is a must try!

Smart's LTE 50 provides unlimited internet connection and I also use this sometimes to download heavy files like movies and softwares. 

In this post, our objective is to bug Smart's system so we can extend our LTE 50 and use this for a couple of days without paying extra 50 pesos. This is very simple. No extra software needed.

1. Buy an LTE sim card with a prefix of 0947 & 0949 only.
2. Register to LTE 50 to 2200.
3. 5-minutes before you expire, put your phone into Airplane mode and after 2-hours, turn back on your cellular data.
4. If you still can browse, your LTE sim is already bugged.



  1. sure ba ito? wala nang e change pa?

  2. I thought it was like 30mins -1hr before your subscription expires and then turn off airplaine like 1hr after your subscription expires.

  3. Working pa ba to ?


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