Bypassing Globe 800 MB Data Limit With Hotspot Shield (HSS) VPN Updated Dec. 2015

I miss doing blog post like this because I know that with this, I am able to help thousands of people in getting the internet service they deserve without paying a dime on those useless and unreliable internet providers in the Philippines.

Today, I will start my comeback post with a simple tutorial on how to bypass the 800MB data limit of Globe promo whether it is for BBMAX or SUPERSURF with the help of one of the most helpful VPNs in the cyber world, Hotspot Shield or HSS.

It's been ages since I started using HSS I think that was 3 years ago and lost my hope after it was caught my Smart and Globe and it took me months to accept the fact that VPNs are not working anymore.

So let us start with the tutorial?

NOTE: There is a 50/50 chance that this procedure might not work to other people because it has something to do with your sim card, location and the number of people doing the same trick in your area. Do this at your own risk!

1. Download the HSS VPN here.
2.Install HSS Tap Adapter. Run "Driver Install.bat" that you can see at "Tap Adapter 86-64" folder.
3. Be ready with Globe Broadband dashboard and use My Globe Connect APN.
4. Connect the Broadband first.
5. Run "Open VPNPortable.exe" as an Admin .
6. Wait until you reach the "Initialization Sequence Completed" 
7. Done! Congratulations, you can now surf without limit!

As for the Globe Broadband dashboard's APN settings, simply follow the procedures below.

Profile Name: myGlobe Connect
Access : *99#

Please tell me if it works so we can check if there is something we can update. Look for some future updates below this paragraph.

Article source: Symbianize

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