Ellen Adarna Scandal Photos Available!

Have you seen Ellen Adarna's daring and revealing magazine cover for ESQUIRE? What can you say? Is it scandalous enough or so artsy?

Ellen adarna scandal, sexy, hot

Ellen Adarna's Curves are so hot!!!
Ellen's nude mag cover...

Since this is an SEO blog, what would you expect??? SEO keywords. That's right so I decided to make a special segment for people in heat and I put the word scandal after the name of Ellen for search engines purposes. Brilliant? Well let's see.

Anyway, I also tried searching for some scandalous news about Ellen Adarna so I won't disappoint my readers in-heat, I saw this drunk and wild photo scandal of her way way way back. Image here courtesy of ScoopBoy. 

UPDATE: There are photos that are spreading online about Ellen's unpublished photos during her shoot for Esquire Magazine, a mag for men. Read Ellen's reaction and Esquire's statement about the incident.

Have fun, Boys!!! *wink*

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