2015 Tutorial for Fast Online Game Loading with these Helpful APN Settings

For gamers out there, it is quite important to have a fast internet connection because without it, the game tends to load slow and this will definitely affect your mood to play. Maybe the reason why I don't really play online game is because we did not have a DSL connection when I was a kid and did not live in the city where people have easy access to computer shops.

But today, worry no more because I will be providing you a very easy tutorial or we can also call it an internet trick.

We will use these fast APN settings for GLOBE, SMART and SUN Cellular subscribers of course to give us faster gaming experience.

This tutorial is only working for Huawei and ZTE users. This is how you do it.

For Huawei Users:
Go to: Tools > Option > Profile management > New/Edit

For ZTE Users:
Go to: Settings > Network Settings > Config File > Add/Edit

And for the much awaited APN setting configuration.

Smart APN:
PROFILE NAME : Smart Broadband
choose "Static"
APN : SMARTBRO or internet
click Advance, choose "PAP"

Globe APN:
PROFILE NAME : Globe Broadband
choose "Static"
APN : http.globe.com.ph
click Advance, choose "CHAP"

Sun Cellular APN:
PROFILE NAME : Sun Broadband
choose "Static"
APN : minternet
click Advance, choose "PAP"

If this won't work, you can experiment with access numbers. Choose among all of these numbers available for you: 


NOTE: It is 100% working for some of the people according to my trusted source effective until today, 02-23-2015. Try this at your own risk and this is for educational purposes only.

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  1. for sun broadband all of the numbers are working but its not fast


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