Noselift and Alar Trimming in the Philippines [VIDEO]

After posting my previous entry about some clinics here in Manila that offer cheap noselift surgery procedure, I tried to search some videos about it and saw this on Youtube about his journey after undergoing noselift and Alar trimming here in the Philippines.

The dude above is Garry Merza. His nose before was better compared to mine but still, he decided to undergo the operation.

He is also looking for people to refer to the clinic where he had his nose surgery in the Philippines.

I wonder if he got it for free ad in return, he must have to refer people as much as he can. 

In that case, I am opening this blog for such offers where I can get a discounted or free nose job in return for a blog advertisement for a lifetime. And I can assure you tons of referrals by means of search engine optimization that I am capable of.

So if you have a nose job clinic along metro manila, feel free to send me an email at, we have a business to talk about.

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