How To Browse Other Websites and Play Online Games Using Free Facebook

Whether you are using Globe, Smart, TNT, TM or even Sun Cellular, I am sure there is a point in your life that you asked this question. Is there a way to maximize the free facebook that these network carriers are offering to us? Well, technically there is. Why? Because although we are using only their free facebook feature that is sometimes not allowing us access videos and photos on our mobile browser, after all, we are still connected to the internet. The fact that we are receiving small amount of data that allows us to receive and send data to our facebook account. So there must be a good way to bypass this.

One of the most basic method that I know is by using a mobile hotspot. Last year, I posted something about HSS VPN that allows its users to bypass Globe's unlimited internet promo. I am not sure if this still works today or not anymore because like what I always tell my blog readers, Telcos in the Philippines are aware of what is happening. They are aware that there are 20% of their users can access the internet for free without paying even a cent. I was one of them. Now that I have a decent day job, I can afford paying for my internet bills in a legit way. Guilt free. :)

Still, the most popular post here in this blog is a tutorial about bugging a sim card so it can be used to access the internet for free. No data capping. This is common here in the Philippines as "butas trick".

There are so many ways on how to use the internet for free and unlimited. All you have to do is to browse patiently, explore all the technical side of it like learn how to change your IP address and DNS and more. Most importantly, try it at your own risk!

For more tutorials. feel free to browse all the posts from the blog. Have a great weekend.

PS. You can also visit my other blog where I also update it with some of the newest internet tricks like using MAC address, IP address and a lot more.

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