Bypassing the Data Limit of Smart's GIGA50

I am sure you are all aware that Smart has a new internet promo for their prepaid subscribers. It is what they call, GIGA50. Technically, it is 1 GB of internet access with additional 300MB of data for youtube, iflix, snapchat etc access.

To register to this promo, just text GIGA50 to 9999 and then wait for the text confirmation saying that you can now enjoy their internet service blah blah blah...

Just like other internet promos, their are glitches all over their program where you can bypass the allotted data limit so you can use it without limit. Just like for example my post about Smart Prepaid's internet promo that was called, POWERAPP. It is actually one of the most viewed tutorials that I have here on the blog and their are a lot of people giving a very good feedback about it.

GIGA50 was just launched but I will find a way on how to bypass its data limit so we can make the most out of what we pay.

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