2015 Tutorial for Fast Online Game Loading with these Helpful APN Settings

For gamers out there, it is quite important to have a fast internet connection because without it, the game tends to load slow and this will definitely affect your mood to play. Maybe the reason why I don't really play online game is because we did not have a DSL connection when I was a kid and did not live in the city where people have easy access to computer shops.

PLDT Home Ultera Tip & Trick: Bypassing the Data Limit for Unlimited and Free Internet Access!

After 167 million lightyears, I saw an interesting source that tells something about my previous post dedicated for PLDT Home Ultera users and I have been receiving a lot of questions for the follow up that I promised. I am sorry because Ultera is somewhat new to the market so it is very hard to tweak its system and hacking it to get unlimited free browsing is almost impossible. :(

This trick or Ultera Bug is 100% working for some. Try your luck today and Try it at your own risk! This might messed up your PC and internet settings if not done correctly.

The main goal of this Ultera internet bug is to bypass their data limit or what we know as Fair Use Policy by resetting our daily and monthly bandwidth. To know about the FUP amount for Ultera, you can use this as a reference

ABS-CBN TV Plus, Is It Worth Your 2,500 Pesos?

So, I have been hearing a lot of good reviews about this newest TV innovation of ABS-CBN Kapamilya network. If you are not familiar about this product that Sarah G is endorsing called "mahiwagang Black Box" or "TV Plus".

In a nutshell, TV Plus is a blackbox or a small device that you connect to your TV set just like a DVD player and as an effect, your TV can receive high quality reception as if you have a cable connection. But it is onlylimited to all free local TV channels such as: dzMM TeleRadyo, Knowledge Channel, CineMo, and Yey

I am planning to buy one for our place in Zambales but I am not sure if the place is covered by their network. You can buy it for only 2,500 pesos one time fee. Is it worth it? I think the answer is depending in your location. 

Since this product is still new, reviews are limited but so far, I am not seeing any problems or complaints regarding the device. I will let you know once I bought one for myself. This post is going to be updated. 

Smart Free Internet is Extended Until February 28, 2015!

For most people, this is a good news but for some, well that is a different story. But first, just want to let you guys know that Smart Free Internet worth of 30MB everyday is extended up until February 28, 2015! This is the third time they extended their promo and I do not know why they don't make it permanent.
smart free internet
On the other side of the story, there are speculations saying that this free internet promo is one of the reasons why the internet speed of postpaid users are being affected. That is why some people, especially postpaid users are having negative feedback about this ongoing promotion of Smart.

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