Finding Ways to Hack and Bypass PLDT Home Bro ULTERA

UPDATE as of 01-22-2015 : I just recently written a blog about this trick where you can bypass your HOME DSL Ultera's bandwidth or data limit. Good thing is, it is 100% working for some folks according to my source. Read this for more details!

Another LTE service for all of us available in the market. PLDT Home Bro just launches what they call ULTERA, dubbed as HOME's Fastest Wireless Internet.
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ULTERA, where you can enjoy unbeatable internet speed with the new PLDT HOME BRO.

Today, I am reserving this page for some of my future discoveries in hacking or bypassing the data limit of ULTERA.
If you will scan my blog, I have featured someways on how to bypass some internet promo by means of tweaking system's flow. So I am pretty sure that there is a way on how to use Ultera to its limits.

The problem is, Ultera seems unpopular these days. I tried to search some reviews about this on google but can't anything. Give me some time to work on this and gather helpful information.


  1. i agree to u ts . .im watching ur thread . .up

  2. waiting here endlessly....

  3. may hack na ba? bilis maubos ng alloted data ko. thanks.

  4. UP UP UP i have 2 ulteras around my place ....waiting :)

  5. How long will it take for d update? hehe. just kidding.

  6. I'm waiting din po for the Hack para sa PLDT Ultera. TIA

  7. i want more info about PLDT Home Bro ULTERA

  8. Any update for bypassing ultera's daily volume allowance ? :/


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