Latest Internet Hack in 2017 for Globe, Smart and PLDT Users

2016 was indeed a blast! We had discovered a lot of ways on how to get free internet without paying monthly internet bills whether you are a Globe, Smart or PLDT user. I understand that everything was just a trial and error and there were times where a single internet trick only lasts for a week or lesser but the good thing is, we manage to discover some other alternatives.

This 2017, please continue to support this blog as we discover more working internet hack, tips and tricks just for you guys.

Well, some of my previous posts are still working according to the people who continuously visits my blog. One trick might work for you but not for other people no never get tired of trying new things. I myself is having a hard time looking the best trick that works for me but at the end of the day, I end up finding the working internet trick. It is just a matter of patience.

These are some of my previous tricks that still works for some:

Aside from these 4 most visited and commented blog entries, there are also few comments about my other old posts and yes, some are still working fine for others so I highly suggest reading back from my old posts because you might get an idea how everything works.

As of today, I am using a VPN since December of 2016 and everything is working fast and stable and I am planning to make a tutorial on how you can use this as well. It is such a meticulous process so please bear with me as a create my draft.

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