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Learning SEO is supposed to be fun. It's not about reading or scanning lots of webpage for you to learn everything because there are fun ways to learn and master search engine optimization or SEO.

I learned SEO way back in college when I was browsing the internet and for some reason, I stumbled upon the blog of Macuha. He was running several contests before and was very active in blogging and hijacking keywords that are most searched in different search engines. That's the point where I decided to follow his footsteps and apply the basics of seo to all my blogs; result is, more than a million page views!

In this blog, I will also hijack some keywords and apply what I learned and learning while I am on the process of widening my knowledge when it comes to SEO. Right now, I am paying attention to search engine algorithms and see if there are new ways to be on top of their rankings. 

SEO tips and tricks will also be featured once in a while since my main goal is to share what I know to my future readers.

This will be a bumpy ride since seo is not constant, there will be changes so let's just go with it. Wait for my SEO projects and learn in a fun way! 

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