Scary text messages for Halloween 2013

Halloween is coming! I know lots of you guys are so excited for this day/ night more than I do. Let me share this scary text messages or sms that is perfect for Haloween 2013. Send one of two messages to your friends and relatives and scare the hell out of them!

I have bunch of scary messages for you guys so pick the best!

Did you know that when you wake up around 2-3am w/o any reason, there’s an 80% chance that..
Someone is staring at you.
 Interview with andal ampatuan… Reporter- wat can u say about d peace and order n maguindanao? Andal- we kill dem peacefully and we bury dem orderly.
A guy stopped @ a farmhaus 4d nyt.
FARMER: Sorry, we dont hav a vacant room, but i can let u sleep w/my doter if u promise not 2 touch her
He agreed & went insyd d dark room, undressd & lied down.
Then d doter sed, “Pls embrace me”
GUY: I cant, I promisd ur dad not 2 touch u.
DOTER: Pls, I’m getting cold
GUY: (sigh) Ok then.
Nxt morning he paid his bil n sed, “ur doter was very cold”
FARMER: I know. She’s been dead for 2 days :$
Happy Halloween! 
 Did you know that for every 200 people that you meet on the street everyday..
2 of them are ghosts?
-Reader’s Digest
I love scary text messages / quotes and sms from Reader's Digest so I will still search for lots of them and post it here. They are quite interesting since they are from Reader's Digest. Wonder if they are really facts of fictions. Something to ponder about.

Oh btw, if you are still looking for some haloween costume ideas 2013, you might want to read what I have to say about it. *wink*

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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