Getting traffic from VampireStat and Adsense Watchdog

So I have been reviewing the stats of my blogspot blogs a while ago and noticed that my entertainment blog is doing great after a very long blogging hiatus. I found out that last September of 2012, I got more than 60,000 pageviews alone from google! Maybe that is one of the reasons why I earned lots of money back then.

I will just continue what I am doing and focus more on this seo blog because I know I can attract millions of visitor by hijacking keywords and so on...

Another thing that I noticed is, all my blogs are getting a small amount of traffic from unknown websites such as Vampirestat and Adsense Watchdog

I thought they are bots from search engines but when I clicked the link, it's just a blog directory or sort of.

According to Spam Spoiler, these websites should be blocked to our website. Although they don't affect our ads on our blogs, still, they might give our PC some viruses that can harm everything especially the codes on our blog. 

So if you are getting traffic from these websites, do not click or visit the link. Just to be safe and secured.

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