SEOProject: Halloween costumes 2013 Ideas

I know this is kind of hard project because if you will try to search the keyword "Halloween costumes 2013" on google, you will see that there are more than 182,000,000 websites that are fighting for this keyword so technically, it is not possible for me to top the search engine result page given the fact that this seo blog is less than a month old! I am going to throw a party if that will happen! 

Thing here is, there will be lots of people who will search for this specific keyword so getting at least 10% or even 5% of the traffic will still be a traffic right? So just go on and try. It would not hurt. If you want to try it, write a post related to my previous entry about cheap haloween costumes 2013, link to my site so I can link back for seo purposes.

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