Bypassing the Data Limit of Smart's GIGA50

I am sure you are all aware that Smart has a new internet promo for their prepaid subscribers. It is what they call, GIGA50. Technically, it is 1 GB of internet access with additional 300MB of data for youtube, iflix, snapchat etc access.

To register to this promo, just text GIGA50 to 9999 and then wait for the text confirmation saying that you can now enjoy their internet service blah blah blah...

Just like other internet promos, their are glitches all over their program where you can bypass the allotted data limit so you can use it without limit. Just like for example my post about Smart Prepaid's internet promo that was called, POWERAPP. It is actually one of the most viewed tutorials that I have here on the blog and their are a lot of people giving a very good feedback about it.

GIGA50 was just launched but I will find a way on how to bypass its data limit so we can make the most out of what we pay.

Extending GOSURF50's 1GB Data Limit - Techniques & Tricks Soon!

On July 2nd, Globe announces about their upgrade to their GOSURF50 prepaid promo. You will still get 1GB data limit and unlimited texts to all networks and free facebook for 3 days and that is everything for only 50 pesos. Sounds nice but I know you want more of it! *wink*

I tried GoSURF50 promo yesterday and it had already expired. The speed limit is just okay and surprisingly, it is more fast compared to my SmartBro 4G pocket wifi. :(

I am still trying to find the software that I used before to unlock my broadband stick but I think it was deleted already. Still looking for some other software that I can use to unlock my modem. Sorry guys.

This time, I am trying to bug my globe simcard so I can bypass the 1GB data limit of this promo. I have done this before so I am sure I can also do it this time. I am not sure on what to do yet but I will update you guys once it's done. So yesterday, I tried using VPN to bypass and extend my GOSURF50 promo unfortunately, it did not work. But I was able to download a movie that is 850 MB total with only 200MB data limit left! It somehow worked but not the way I want it to be.

Maybe next day, I will try to bug their system and let us see if this old trick will work or not. Will definitely update you with some progress. For now, feel free to browse some of my old blog posts and check if the tricks work for you or not. And also, I need your feedback so I can close or delete my posts that are not working anymore. Thank you guys. 

Tutorial on Unlocking SmartBro 4G Pocket Wifi Revealed!

Last May, I was able to unbox my very own SmartBro 4G Pocket Wifi and I find it really fast at first. However, after few weeks of using it, I noticed that the internet speed is becoming slower and slower everyday I use it and I find it unfair because I am supposed to have a 4G internet speed which is faster compared to what I am getting even when I am outside my home since I have wifi.

So now, I am searching for some tips on how to unlock my SmartBro 4G pocket wifi so I can use it with other networks. I heard that Globe is faster here in my area so I want to give it a try.

Upon searching, I noticed that there are people who can actually unlock pocket wifi modems by entering the device's IMEI. However, it is not for free. I did not bother asking them to unlock mine because I know that there is a way to do it on my own.

How To Browse Other Websites and Play Online Games Using Free Facebook

Whether you are using Globe, Smart, TNT, TM or even Sun Cellular, I am sure there is a point in your life that you asked this question. Is there a way to maximize the free facebook that these network carriers are offering to us? Well, technically there is. Why? Because although we are using only their free facebook feature that is sometimes not allowing us access videos and photos on our mobile browser, after all, we are still connected to the internet. The fact that we are receiving small amount of data that allows us to receive and send data to our facebook account. So there must be a good way to bypass this.

One of the most basic method that I know is by using a mobile hotspot. Last year, I posted something about HSS VPN that allows its users to bypass Globe's unlimited internet promo. I am not sure if this still works today or not anymore because like what I always tell my blog readers, Telcos in the Philippines are aware of what is happening. They are aware that there are 20% of their users can access the internet for free without paying even a cent. I was one of them. Now that I have a decent day job, I can afford paying for my internet bills in a legit way. Guilt free. :)

Still, the most popular post here in this blog is a tutorial about bugging a sim card so it can be used to access the internet for free. No data capping. This is common here in the Philippines as "butas trick".

There are so many ways on how to use the internet for free and unlimited. All you have to do is to browse patiently, explore all the technical side of it like learn how to change your IP address and DNS and more. Most importantly, try it at your own risk!

For more tutorials. feel free to browse all the posts from the blog. Have a great weekend.

PS. You can also visit my other blog where I also update it with some of the newest internet tricks like using MAC address, IP address and a lot more.
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