Sun, Smart and Globe LTE Butas Trick 2015 for Free and Unlimited Internet Access

First post for 2015 and guess what, I am aiming high by targeting the most searched and will be the most searched keyword this year. Well, aside from people looking for some nude photos of Ellen Adarna, there are also some searching for some ways on how to access the internet for free using sun, smart and globe LTE and non-LTE devices (including pocket wifi's).

There is no stable techniques on how to get a free internet or what they call butas sim trick because it is only the beginning of the year. Sadly, there are some tips and tricks that are 100% working that do not last even for a week.

I have been seeing netizens who are revealing these ways (hacking techniques) to Telecommunications Company so I think that is one of the reasons why it does not last anymore. Too bad.

Do not worry. I am going to update you about this thread. Give me some time maybe this coming February I can find a stable one for you. But in the meantime, feel free to back read maybe some old trick will still work for you.

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