Smart now offers free internet for prepaid subscribers

This is the most courteous promo of Smart Communications ever launched yet. If you can remember, Globe launches free facebook for their prepaid users but this time, Smart now offers free internet that lets you access almost all of your social networks and visit some of your favorite blogs! Again, this is not for free facebook but a lot more!
smart free internet 2014

You can also read their official press release about the said promo here.

In a nutshell, smart prepaid users can do these:
  • read news
  • access music
  • wikipedia for students
  • send and receive emails
  • browse favorite blogs
  • book flights
  • stream music through spinnr
  • post on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • shop online
  • and many more
However, torrent downloading, youtube streaming, using VOIP apps like Skype, Facetime and Viber, messaging apps like Whatsapp, WeChat and Line are not covered  by the said promo.

So what are you waiting for, text FREE to 9999 now! This promo is valid until November 30, 2014

I think I am switching in the meantime or I can buy a smart sim for this promo and use this everytime I don't have wifi. lol! Thanks Smart!

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