Smart LTE Internet Sim Bug this 2015: Working for Some!

Update: I have seen this thread online that promised to compile all of the working internet tricks this 2015. Go visit it if you have some time.

I just stumbled an interesting forum page that shares a procedure on how to penetrate Smart's system so we can get free and unlimited internet using any smart sim card and that includes LTE capable devices or modems such as pocket wifi.

This LTE internet sim bug is already existing and working for 3-straight months now. It has been working for some so try it on your own risk as I always say, okay?

Here is the procedure for this trick (I hope this works for you because mine did not):

  1. Register FREE then send to 9999 via SMS.
  2. Use your free 30MB limit.
  3. Register FREE via CALL thru *121#
  4. Set your Mobile to read the Maximum Internet Signal (HSDPA or WCDMA)
  5. Download SPEEDVPN in Google Play Store.
  6. If you are connected to SPEEDVPN, it means your sim card is already bugged or what most netizens call, "butas".
If this worked for you, then congratulations! If not, I am sorry but you have to try your luck. If you can afford buying a new sim card, go buy one and do the procedure again. 

What can you say about this sim bug trick? Is it working?

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