Smart Internet for All

Maybe you guys are also curious about the newest commercial of Smart about "Internet for All". Is it about free unlimited internet for everyone where we can browse the internet without paying a single cent? Or bypassing their promo's system also known as hacking or in tagalog, butas trick?

I am sorry to pop the bubble but this campaign is not about our long time dream.

Internet for all means better bundles, when they say better, it means affordable. Faster connection with the help of LTE and Fibr data connection and of course fun and exciting services.

Well, what is new? Nothing much I guess. lol! It is just about the packaging and the way they reveal it to the world as if they are making a huge step towards providing world class internet service. 

Fair Usage Policy is still implemented so no need to celebrate just because of this campaign. For more shiny information, you can read their official article about it here.

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