Ready for Flappy Bird 2 with Multiplayer Mode this August?

One of the trending games in 2014 will return this August! And this is none other than, Flappy Bird! The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen confirmed during an interview that the newest version of the game Flappy Bird will be available for free downloads this August of 2014!!
flappy bird 2

There is no official name for the game yet. Will he stick with Flappy Bird or Flappy Bird 2 or he will come up with another fresh name for the game.

What's new with the game is that it will have a multiplayer mode so you can play it with someone. I am not sure if the setting of the game will also change since the first one became controversial because of the green tunnels that look like the ones in Super Mario.

The big question is, will Nguyen be strong enough to stay in the spotlight? Or will he be a chicken again afraid of the attention he's getting?

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