TypicalBen Gay

One of the most popular bloggers in Singapore is Ben Toh and as a lifestyle blogger, I can say that he blogs really nice and he is inspiring people to blog more but there are lots of people saying that Typicalben is gay! 

Well he is not confirming anything but when my friends at the office saw his pic while I was looking for his previous hair color, like 99% agreed that he is indeed gay. I let them say yutakis pic but they said that typicalben is more gay than Yutaki James. 

Getting traffic from VampireStat and Adsense Watchdog

So I have been reviewing the stats of my blogspot blogs a while ago and noticed that my entertainment blog is doing great after a very long blogging hiatus. I found out that last September of 2012, I got more than 60,000 pageviews alone from google! Maybe that is one of the reasons why I earned lots of money back then.

I will just continue what I am doing and focus more on this seo blog because I know I can attract millions of visitor by hijacking keywords and so on...

Scary text messages for Halloween 2013

Halloween is coming! I know lots of you guys are so excited for this day/ night more than I do. Let me share this scary text messages or sms that is perfect for Haloween 2013. Send one of two messages to your friends and relatives and scare the hell out of them!

SEOProject: Halloween costumes 2013 Ideas

I know this is kind of hard project because if you will try to search the keyword "Halloween costumes 2013" on google, you will see that there are more than 182,000,000 websites that are fighting for this keyword so technically, it is not possible for me to top the search engine result page given the fact that this seo blog is less than a month old! I am going to throw a party if that will happen! 

Cheap Haloween Costumes 2013

Halloween is just around the corner and I know that people will start looking for some great ways to look scary and cool this coming haloween. Zombies and vampires are always the best costumes that you can get if you want to stand out.

You can also search for some techniques on how to put on some makeup costumes like in The Walking Dead. I know it will never be easy to be like one of the zombies there but I know once you get the hang of it, then it's going to be easy for you to execute it. Study it now so you can master it before Halloween! 

SEO Projects

Learning SEO is supposed to be fun. It's not about reading or scanning lots of webpage for you to learn everything because there are fun ways to learn and master search engine optimization or SEO.

I learned SEO way back in college when I was browsing the internet and for some reason, I stumbled upon the blog of Macuha. He was running several contests before and was very active in blogging and hijacking keywords that are most searched in different search engines. That's the point where I decided to follow his footsteps and apply the basics of seo to all my blogs; result is, more than a million page views!

SEO for Noobs

Hello world and welcome to SEO for noobs! This is going to be my official blog with niche(finally!!!) after blogging for almost 4 years now! I will be sharing some updates about the basic SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques that is perfect for noobs or newbies out there.
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