Best Place to Have a Noselift in the Philippines

Searching about this is one of my hobbies when I am online so I decided to make an entry about it for future use since I am planning to undergo an operation called Rhinoplasty or what most people refer to as Noselift.

Our nose is not only for smelling things, rather, it also gives us that confidence in facing people since our nose is the focal point of our face and believe it or not, people look on noses more often and lucky are those people who have that natural good nose, pointy as they say.

But for me, it is a different story. I have a nose with soft bones and whenever I go to facial spas and they happen to touch my nose, they always say that I have a very soft bones in my nose which is kind of weird. I am a guy but I am very particular with it. That's is why I am planning to have my nose lift as soon as possible.

I am only 22 so there is so much time for that. All I need to do is to work hard and save up for that. I am planning to visit Thailand soon because based on stories, it is really cheap to undergo a noselift surgery there,

But what about here in the Philippines? Are there clinics that offer cheap rhinoplasty or noselift surgery?

If there is, will it be safe?

There are so many things to consider so most of the time, noselift surgery should only be done by experts not those doctors who are into your money.

If you have a clinic here in Manila, do send me an email for your rates and services so I can put you on my list for future references. 

For people who underwent the surgery, feel free to send me some of your photos or tell us your experiences. It will mean a lot to us!

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