Free Internet Using PSIPHON V7 with Config for Globe and TM Users Only!

Today, I will share with you an old trick on how to get free internet connection using Psiphon V7. If this is the first time that you will read something about Psiphon, then you must be very new when it comes to hacking just to get free internet. Psiphon is a VPN mobile app that let its users access internet servers from different part of the world. By just using the correct settings, you will be able to achieve what you are aiming for.


Take note that this psiphon trick only works for Globe and TM users for now and I will be posting s separate blog tutorial soon! Your IP should still be the same (10), and do not forget to use IP Hunter feature on the tool tab of the app.

Make sure to follow the instructions on the file that I attached on top so it will work for you. This works 99% so there is still a chance that it might not work for some individual. Again, I am warning everyone to try this at your own risk.

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