Ultimate Way to Hack PLDT MyDSL Wifi Password Using Android Device

This post is dedicated to those curious readers and want to know the ultimate way to hack a password of your neighbor's PLDT MyDSL wifi. MyDSL is I think the most used internet service provider these days because I myself is also using the same thing. I am hoping that my neighbors cannot read this post or else they might hack my internet access.

In this tutorial, we will be needing 3 items. An android device (any android device will do), wifi enabled android smartphone and finally, an available wifi signal from your neighbor.

Tickets and Venue for One Direction Concert in Manila 2015

I know that in the next couple of months, there will be thousands if not, millions of people who will be searching about where to buy One Direction concert tickets here in Manila because from what I have heard, tickets are already sold out.
one direction, concert, manila, tickets

So as an SEO performer for my blog, I decided to write something about it but don't worry, if you came here specifically for that reason, worry no more because I won't give you some false hope.

Finding Ways to Hack and Bypass PLDT Home Bro ULTERA

UPDATE as of 01-22-2015 : I just recently written a blog about this trick where you can bypass your HOME DSL Ultera's bandwidth or data limit. Good thing is, it is 100% working for some folks according to my source. Read this for more details!

Another LTE service for all of us available in the market. PLDT Home Bro just launches what they call ULTERA, dubbed as HOME's Fastest Wireless Internet.
hack ultera, bypass ultera
ULTERA, where you can enjoy unbeatable internet speed with the new PLDT HOME BRO.

Today, I am reserving this page for some of my future discoveries in hacking or bypassing the data limit of ULTERA.

HIKO Noselifting Non-Surgical Operation Prices and Clinics in Philippines

Are you getting upset whenever you see your nose in the mirror? Or do you think that you almost look perfect but because of your flat nose, your confidence is getting affected by it? Getting insecure with people who have that high, perfect nose?
hiko nosejob philippines
image credit to www.surgicalrhinoplasty.com

Ready for Flappy Bird 2 with Multiplayer Mode this August?

One of the trending games in 2014 will return this August! And this is none other than, Flappy Bird! The creator of the game, Dong Nguyen confirmed during an interview that the newest version of the game Flappy Bird will be available for free downloads this August of 2014!!
flappy bird 2

Globe's GoSurf Promo for Prepaid and Postpaid Subscribers

This is another awesome and exciting news for Globe users as they launch their latest internet promo called GoSurf

If you are familiar with PowerSurf that allows you to browse the internet per Megabytes or MB, this promo also does the same exact thing. The difference is it has the capability to connect you to another Globe feature like Spotify.
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