Noselift and Alar Trimming in the Philippines [VIDEO]

After posting my previous entry about some clinics here in Manila that offer cheap noselift surgery procedure, I tried to search some videos about it and saw this on Youtube about his journey after undergoing noselift and Alar trimming here in the Philippines.

The dude above is Garry Merza. His nose before was better compared to mine but still, he decided to undergo the operation.

Best Place to Have a Noselift in the Philippines

Searching about this is one of my hobbies when I am online so I decided to make an entry about it for future use since I am planning to undergo an operation called Rhinoplasty or what most people refer to as Noselift.

Our nose is not only for smelling things, rather, it also gives us that confidence in facing people since our nose is the focal point of our face and believe it or not, people look on noses more often and lucky are those people who have that natural good nose, pointy as they say.

Globe Tattoo Butas Trick 2014 for Free Unlimited Internet

Butas Trick is a term used in pinoy forum sites that has something to do with unlimited internet browsing for free because nowadays, the top internet service providers ISP are all implementing this Fair Use Policy that will slow down or cap your internet speed (from 3G to 2G) once you reach the specific amount of data. Read this post to find out more about FUP.

Butas Trick is very hard to find because it is unstable and GLOBE is so good in busting these so-called techniques. This 2014, there are updated ways on how to find loopholes in your GLOBE sim card for free unlimited internet connection. This time, it's for real.

Get the Fastest Smart LTE Signal with this APN Settings!

So I've heard you love to surf the internet like watching movies and TV shows or downloading files on Torrent or how about playing your favorite online games. But the problem is, a very very very poor internet connection that keeps on lagging. Don't you just hate it? Well, I do!

But worry no more because Smart has now this thing called LTE signal. LTE means Long Term Evolution.

It sounds so techy but it's main concept is to give us faster internet speed that can reach up to 100mbps. Oh god, imagine life with this kind of speed. Heaven!

Bypassing Globe 800 MB/ 1GB Data Promo with this Trick

I myself hate the fact that all of the top internet service providers here in the Philippines are implementing this policy so called Fair Use Policy that is really a pain in behind for prepaid and most of all, postpaid subscribers.

On my other blog, I posted some trend about how despise everything regarding FUP. And yes, I am a dissatisfied postpaid customer who just decided to switch to another ISP without finishing the contract!

Where to Buy Cheap but the Best Whey Protein in Philippines?

If you want to build some muscles all over your body, it is essential for all of us to take supplements like whey proteins that can help us to gain muscles quick compared to visiting the gym regularly alone. So let us say, you are so thin and you work out regularly and you can see the results in 6 months but if you are going to take in some powdered whey proteins with diets like balanced amount of carbs, then you can easily see the results in just 3 to 4 months!
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