Cool filipino teen bloggers

While uploading photos on my facebook account, I decided to google and search for a random keyword about cool filipino teen bloggers and hoping that I am one on the list. lol

Apparently, the search result is about blog directories and blog awards as well. I wonder when will be the right time where I can be awarded even the most trying hard blogger in the Philippines? So pathetic but that's still an award so I will still take it.

This is another seo project and let's see if this will rank on search engines. There are 27,200,000 websites that are fighting for this keyword and who knows right? 

By the way, for my own list of the coolest filipino bloggers that have this teen ambiance on their blog, although they are not really teens. Give them a visit now.


For my fave Singaporean bloggers who also have this teen effect on their blog but not really on their teenage years.

This list will be updated really soon. If you have something to add, send me a comment. Make sure that it's worth posting here. Btw, I am giving away free blog advertisement for everyone! Check out my offer!

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